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Gamer Handles Podcasts

Podcast #1: Pre-E3 Edition!

May 18th, 2011

In our inaugural effort, we talk about our hopes and expectations for the E3 2011. Speculation and hopes run wild as we attempt to find out where the industry is heading for the next 12 months.

-Microsoft Press Conference (1:03)
-Sony Press Conference (7:30)
-Nintendo Press Conference (10:50)

-Mass Effect 3 (14:15)
-Gears of War 3 (16:23)
-Duke Nukem Forever (17:44)
-Batman: Arkham Asylum (20:50)
-Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (22:59)
-Bioshock: Infinite (23:41)
-Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (25:33)
-Final Fantasy 13-2 (28:27)

New Systems:
-Xbox 720 (31:53)
-Kinect (33:10)
-3DS (34:55)
-Project Cafe (36:06)

Final Thoughts:
-Chris (39:53)
-Andrew (40:11)
-Logan (40:25)

Podcast #1.5: E3 Eve Edition!

June 6th, 2011

On E3 Eve, we're here to bring the excitement as the rumor mill has hit a fever pitch. A much shorter podcast mainly meant to hit on some pre-E3 speculation and introduce the mainstay rapid fire segment.

-Batman:Arkham City Catwoman Trailer (00:58)
-Duke Nukem Forever Demo (3:42)
-M.G.S./Z.O.E. HD Collection (7:09)
-Mass Effect 3 Kinect (10:32)

Rapid Fire Segment:
-Call Of Duty Elite (13:24)
-Serious Sam 3 Reveal (13:47)
-Tomb Raider Reveal (14:13)
-Project Cafe Details (14:42)
-Project Cafe Games (15:16)
-PSN Welcome Back (15:49)
-Rumor: Domains for Fable, Dance Central, and Kinect Sports (16:17)
-Witcher 2 for 360 (16:41)
-Shadow of the Colossus/ICO HD Collection (17:00)
-Contra Reboot (17:23)
-Predictions: Best of E3 (17:40)
-Hopes: Want from E3 (18:06)

Podcast #2: E3 Edition!

June 10th, 2011

E3 has come and gone and this is our jumbo sized wrap-up show! Andrew and Logan spend the entire time talking about the ins and outs of the Electronic Entertainment Expo including, surprises, disappointments, and everything in between.

Included are our predictions from Podcast #1 and how they stacked up when compared to the real deal.

-Overview (1:15)
-Halo A.C./Halo 4 (2:45)
-Kinect (5:53)
-Grades Before/After (9:34)

-Overview (12:29)
-Playstation 3D Display (13:18)
-Playstation Move (14:58)
-Grades Before/After (16:27)

-Overview (20:20)
-Wii U (20:48)
-Demos (25:49)
-Grades Before/After (28:28)

-Logan's Highlights (30:35)
-Andrew's Highlights (31:49)
-Andrew's Lowlights (35:55)
-Logan's Lowlights (39:08)

-What games coming out of E3 are you excited about? (41:59)
-What were every bodies thoughts on the MW3 footage? (44:28)
-What did you think of the more "hardcore" Kinect games? (45:03)
-What is one thing that Microsoft did right and one thing they did wrong during their conference? (46:17)
-What did everyone thing of the Battlefield 3 footage? (47:35)
-*Audio* What titles do we need to see on their shelf for the launch of the Wii U to convince us to purchase a Wii U at launch and not after a large first party game comes out? (49:07)
-Best and worse conference and why? (51:49)

Rapid Fire:
-Battlefield 3 vs MW3 (54:31)
-Overstrike (54:58)
-Tomb Raider (55:37)
-New Xbox Live Features (56:06)
-Kinect in games (56:33)
-Old Republic (57:01)
-Assassin's Creed: Revelations (57:35)
-PSN apology (58:15)
-Bioshock: Infinite (58:41)
-Twisted Metal (59:15)
-Hopes (at E3) met (59:53)

E3 Rating:
-Logan's Rating (1:00:29)
-Andrew's Rating (1:00:56)

Podcast #3: Capcom/Comic-Con Edition!

July 24th, 2011

After the E3 dust has settled, the next wave of news has slowly trickled out. Most tragic of which is the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3. Look for a good bit of coverage on future games like Mass Effect 3 and Final Fantasy 13-2 and an especially huge rant on the state of the once beloved publisher Capcom.

Podcast #4: Gamescom/Deus Ex: HR Launch Edition!

August 22nd, 2011

Delve into Germany's Gamescom expo as we talk about all of the big news to emerge from across the pond. In addition to the juicy tidbits, expect a lot of talk about Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

What are you playing:
-Andrew (1:05)
-Chris (2:02)

-Batman: Arkham City (4:04)
-Mass Effect 3 (12:12)
-Star Wars: Old Republic (17:25)
-Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (20:26)
-Halo Anniversary (23:37)
-Capcom Rant (25:14)

Rapid Fire:
-Resistance 3 (39:36)
-Uncharted 3 Multliplayer Beta Ended (40:01)
-Resident Evil:ORC (40:42)
-Darksiders 2 (41:19)
-Battlefield 3 (41:46)
-Final Fantasy 13-2 release in January (42:21)
-Star Wars Kinect Xbox Bundle (43:09)
-Deus Ex (43:57)
-Freddy Krueger as dlc for Mortal Kombat (44:36)
-X-Men Destiny (45:08)
-Goldeneye 007:Reloaded (45:39)

Podcast #5: Dead Island Edition!

September 5th, 2011

In the wake of PAX prime, we talk extensively about our impressions of DXHR and our hopes for the upcoming Dead Island. In between the familiar rapid fire segment, we add the mailbag feature that makes an appearance every now and then.

Podcast #6: TGS/GoW3/Technical Issues Edition!

September 17th, 2011

In this technical trainwreck, we discuss a ton of hot topics such as the Tokyo Game Show 2011, Gears of War 3, and a ton of other goodies. Don't let the audio problems scare you away as this installment is chock-full of goodness!

What are you playing:
-Andrew (1:32)
-Logan (1:45)

-Batman: Arkham City (5:07)
-Ninja Gaiden 3 (8:40)
-Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (13:33)
-Metal Gear Solid: HD (15:53)
-Tokyo Game Show (20:00)

-Gears of War 3 (21:12)

Rapid fire:
-PS Vita's short battery life (31:41)
-3DS's expansion slide pad (33:22)
-Metal Gear Solid: Rising presence at TGS (34:16)
-Dead or Alive 5 announced at TGS (34:59)
-Final Fantasy X remake at TGS (35:49)
-Devil May Cry at TGS (36:42)
-Halo: CEA kinect features (37:37)
-Final Fantasy 13-2 released January 31 (38:34)

Podcast #7: Happy Fall Edition!

October 2nd, 2011

As all is quiet on the news front, we try to eek out some discussions about GoW3 impressions, the Battlefield 3 beta, and the looming Arkham City release. Expect the familiar hosts along with the familiar segments.

Podcast #8: Arkham City Launch Edition!

October 15th, 2011

Welcome to "The Big One". In the largest podcast since our E3 extravaganza, we delve into Arkham City and discuss all of our hopes and dreams in this Bat-themed mega podcast!

What are you playing:
-Andrew (1:41)
-Logan (7:32)

-Mass Effect 3 (12:36)
-Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (17:40)
-Gotham City Impostors (24:00)

Preview: Batman: Arkham City
-Overview (32:35)
-Opinion and expertation of game (36:45)
-Rocksteady's handling of game (40:09)
-Next step for Rocksteady and Batman (47:00)

Mail Bag:
-What is the one thing both of you are absolutely most excited about for Arkham City? (49:00)
-How many hours do you anticipate putting into it? (50:25)
-What other comic book hero(s) would you like to see in a game series of this caliber? (52:12)
-Who is the best live action batman from the films?! (53:49)
-Do you think the astronomical amounts of preorder DLC for this game is good or bad? (55:46)
-Who's got the Titan formula? Bane, Croc, or Scarecrow? Any guesses? (58:37)
-Any thoughts as to where Rocksteady could take Batman after this? (1:00:17)
-Arkham Asylum was a very centralized experience about the conflict between Batman and the Joker, and the other villains kind of took a back seat to the Joke and with so many villains occupying Arkham City, could it be to much of a good thing? (1:03:57)

Rapid Fire:
-Microsoft dashboard beta (1:06:12)
-Uncharted 3 gameplay footage (1:07:00)
-MW3 redemption trailer (1:08:04)
-New Wii bundle not gamecube supported (1:09:06)
-Gears of War 3 horde command dlc (1:09:47)
-Opinion on Dead Rising 2: Off the Record (1:11:19)
-Opinion on Assassin's Creed: Revelations (1:12:41)
-Dragon Age 2 dlc released (1:13:46)